Riding a Horse

When I was 12 years old, I went to a recreation place—Tawangmangu, to be precise—with my parents to spend my holiday there.
Kuda di Tawangmangu.jpg
The place was very beautiful: foggy but calming, a comfortable cold —not again, I’m afraid—weather and temperature, beautiful sceneries consist of forests, rice fields, and tea plantations. All was perfect. Continue reading

Lazy Writing

Cure an Arid Mind

Hello again,

This is the third —if I’m not mistaken—lazy writing that I’ve done. Today, I want to share you a music that cures my arid mind. I just found this music today on Spotify and it turns out, this music sounds familiar like those in Chinese or Drama movies where the main character remembers or having a very exciting moments.

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Manner Like a Baby

I have to admit, actually I am embarrassed by my old self. Really.
Passing the Blame.jpg
Once, I like to blame someone else for the mistakes I’ve done. The smallest trivial thing—like cheating while exams—can also be another problem. When my answers were wrong even though I had written my friends’ answers, I tended to blame my friends. I believed them; I thought they were smarter than me thus they couldn’t be wrong. Continue reading


Displaying Distance by Using Ultrasonic Sensor and Two 7-Segments

This is the third project of Human Interaction and Computer (II3231) subject.

This time, we have to combine one (or more) 7-Segment sensors with another sensor—anything. So, we made a tool to measure distance by utilizing Arduino Uno.

Oh, before I forget, we made this at 2 o’clock in the morning. It just so happened that my friend randomly wanted to make this project at that time.

Okay, here are the tools and materials for this project: Continue reading