First Blog


I am new to writing blog posts! That means you can also say that I have no experience in writing!

Now, maybe you are thinking. Why don’t I learn how to write good posts in Google?

Well, I have. But honestly, reading in my opinion is far easier than writing your own posts.

Well, you may think that this is already an obvious fact. If writing were that easy, anyone can be a good writer. There will be much more books available in bookstores today than ever.

But wait, I want to share my opinions on why writing is way harder than reading.

1. You Need to Figure Out What You Want to Write

Really, this is a no-brainer. If you read news or articles, you only need to read thoroughly and imagine the articles in your brain to be able to relate to it. But writing?thinking-bulb

First things first, you need to find a topic. Then you will need a catchy title to make people read your content and raise the numbers of your visitors. After that, you will need to create great content with great formatting to impress your readers. It may be a lot more complex than that, but let’s leave it to that for now.

2. Who Will Read My Posts?

Exactly. That is one of the questions I first asked when I wanted to write. I personally didn’t think I would write in any point of my life. But hey, life is full of suprises, isn’t it?men-reading

Back to topic, it really depends on what content you are writing. And who your audiences are. If you want to boost your number of visitors, there are many tips out there. But, in my opinion it would be great if you write your posts that are relatable or useful to people out there, such as this.

3. What if I Can’t Keep Getting Fresh Ideas?

Technically, you can write whenever you want. But, I first thought about that. I worried that after I start my first writing, in some point of my life, I wouldn’t write anymore because there would be no more interesting things to write.inspiration

But then, I thought that I wouldn’t go anywhere in my life without taking risks. That things you worry about is still far from happening. Well, at least if you would be really running out of ideas, you would already write some of your thoughts and opinions. That is better than doing nothing.

And, that’s it.

I really want to write more, but I really have to go. Thanks for reading. Write your comments so I can know what’s your opinion about my first post. Bye! 🙂


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