My Cellphone Review


We’re back again. You know, I have a habit of getting ideas and then not getting it written because I am lazy or something like that, and then eventually forgetting what I intended to write. 😀

All right, now I will tell you my opinions of my cellphone, Asus Zenfone 2 Deluxe (ZE551ML). Here are the main points:

It’s HOT!

First of all, I was impressed by the cheap price of this particular ASUS cellphone (I didn’t know there were Chinese cellphones that are far cheaper and better).

But then, as I used it for a while, I was shocked by the temperature it got. It got hot! Even worse, when I put it into my refrigerator’s freezer, it didn’t get

Rumours got it that it was caused by the processor, which was Intel Atom. Intel got a reputation of being a hot processor when it comes to cellphone. So as you can see now, all cellphone processors are now being manufactured by Qualcomm. It is a monopoly, I know.

Its’ Battery Sucks!

Related to point above, because it is an Intel processor, it uses a lot of energy. As a consequence, your battery drains much faster than Qualcomm-planted cellphone.

Yesterday, I used my cellphone at 50% energy. It drained to 0% only in 3.5 hours. I only used it to surf the internet or chatting with my friends. I know that Intel had this kind of habit, but I didn’t think it would be this bad. Damn it!

NB: Actually, it doesn’t drain that fast if you are on a place with an easy access to the internet connection. It drained so fast because I was on my college, which is hard enough to get stable and fast connection.

It actually doesn’t drain that fast if you are on a place with an easy access to the internet connection. 

It’s Not That Reliable

This is a fact that actually, I didn’t want to admit. I spent nearly $300 US to buy this phone because my previous phone got broken. I wanted to think that this phone could last for more than 2 years (and I meant with an excellent condition).

Still, the truth came to me first. Although these problems only happens several times in a week, I still think it’s annoying. Okay, the problems are:

My phone card is not read

According to the Asus customer service, this is due to the card reader inside the phone has slight problems. And she said that I needed to get this fixed in order to enjoy the best experience.

I had to wait 5 days to get my phone fixed.

The bad news is that I had to pay $21 and wait for 5 days to get my phone fixed. WTF am I supposed to do without my phone for 5 days? F*** you, Asus!

NB: I think that Asus made the best PC Monitor in the market ’till today. Peace 😀

The phone cannot be recharged while it’s totally dead.

This still makes me wonder until today. Why won’t the phone get charged while it’s off?!

It annoys me so much. Once I left the phone charged to sleep while it was totally on 0%. After 5 hours of sleeping, the phone didn’t get recharged at all. So that day, I had to go to college without my cellphone. 😦

My phone didn’t get recharged after 5 hours!

Note that this only happens sometimes and does not represent the quality of all Asus’ cellphones.

And, that’s it.

Let me know what you think of my post in the comment. Hopefully I will reply your comment. Thank you!



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