How To: Increase Your Post’s Readibility


That was what I was thinking when I visited a blog that had a paragraph consisted of over 30 lines. Worse, there were no blank space at all. Afraid that I might waste my time, I finally decided to just stop reading.

Here’s what I’m thinking when people posted a ridiculously long paragraph:

That is supposed to be a common sense, damn it!

Unless it’s talking about something related to education, like “How to Create An Amazing Thesis” or “Fuzzy Logic and Fuzzy Reasoning“, I think it is very inappropriate to just write everything that goes into your head to your posts. I think it’s very torturing :D.

All right, to ensure that I do not contradict my topic, here are the main points:

Keep It Short and Sweet

Usually, it’s better to make paragraph that’s not more than 3 sentences, or 3 lines. Because I mainly lose interest when a paragraph takes more than 3 lines, this is what I suggest you to do.

Help Yourself with Pictures

Like this:


Mostly, people would be more interested seeing colored pictures than black-and-white writings. I think it’s related to “Supernormal Stimuli” (I hope I can explain you about that some day).

Also, do not forget to keep your pictures relevant.

Make Indentations on Lists

I think this has to be a common sense. For me, it attracts me so because I have hopes, that when I read an indented list, it will be short, sweet, and the most useful points in the post.

But unfortunately, some people do not realize this and hoping we would read their boring posts with their clickbait headings. Furthermore, some of their posts have over 100 line. How am I supposed to read those things?

Use Subheadings

Like me! 🙂

And last, but not least:

Do NOT make a typo!

It can make people lose respect toward yourself and your post, therefore they won’t continue to read your post despite they have opened your blog. Trust me, it happens often enough.

And, that’s it.

Let me know what you’re thinking in the comment! I’ll try to reply as soon as I can. Also, if you want to criticize, let it be a constructive one. Thank you!

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