(Only?) 3 Reasons Why You Should Not Commit Suicide

Hello again.

Sometimes I wonder, why would someone commit suicide? I mean, they were the one who put themselves in the situation they lived in the first place.

I hate people who committed suicide. I hate them because they choose the easy way out, like they were thinking that their problems would fade away as soon as they leave this world. It is a silly way of thinking, in my opinion.

Alright, enough of my whining. Let’s get to the first point, shall we?

Really, That’s What You’re Going to Do?


Listen, no matter how big your problems are, you do not solve your problem by killing yourself. Instead, you only evade your problems, possibly making other people related to your problems get other difficulties to solving your own problems.

For example, suppose you have a debt of $10,000 USD. You decided you can’t pay the debt even after a year trying to collect your money from the leftover, so you committed suicide. If you still have a family, then your family will grieve over your death, plus they will have to pay your debt. It sounds selfish, isn’t it?

For me, committing suicide is a selfish act and a silly way to solve your problems.

What About Your Dreams?

Maybe you’re right. There are some problems which only related to yourself. You’re trying so hard to hold it in your heart, but eventually you couldn’t do it anymore.

I read that there was a K-Pop singer who committed suicide because she couldn’t hold her depression due to strong pressure in singing industry, i.e. becoming a sex slave. Maybe that is a kind of some people’s problem.make-dreams-come-true

But then, do you really want to stop yourself from realizing your dreams after all this? To stop believing in your capabilities to do extraordinary things some people can’t do?

You can change the world, turn it into a better place for living. And you can’t do that if you commit suicide and leave unsolved problems for other people, and also mourning.

You will never have another chance to continue pursuing your dreams if you end your life.

You Sure You’re Going to Heaven?

I apologize if I offend you, especially the atheists one. But I have to say this: You do not going to Heaven by committing suicide.

Hold on, I’m not really suggesting any particular religion’s teaching here. But let’s think about it. Let’s summarize:cry

You make other people grieve over your death.

You may leave your problems unsolved, and making other people reluctantly so
lve it for you.

You prevent someone who is the love of your life be happy with you,

and so on.

See? Those reasons are not good things the way I see it. Conclusion:

Committing suicide does not solve your problems.

Thank you for reading my post!

Be sure to leave comment if you want to! Your support and [constructive] criticism are welcome! 🙂

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