3 Reasons Why You Should Make a Blog

Only three?!

Hah, not really. If you really want to read more reasons, consider checking these two sites I recommend: here, here, and here. Otherwise, please stay with me.

All right, as maybe you’ve guessed, I partly got inspirations from those two sites. But, I will try to keep this content as original as possible (though that is almost impossible).

Here are the reasons why you should make a blog:

It Will Help You Develop Some of Your Most Important Skills

  1. Writing

    Writing, in my opinion is an activity which you communicate and deliver information and thoughts to other people via papers. This means that what you write must be easy to understand. It should also looks easy to read, in terms of grammar and readibility.

  2. Thinking

    You can’t just write everything that you thought on to your blog. No. Instead, you need to filter your thoughts that will have impacts to the readers. Your topic must be deep and meaningful, for readers to appreciate what you have written.

It Can Bring You Good Habits and Traits

  1. Confident

    As you write more posts, you will believe that what you write are not that bad at all. You will think that you actually have a unique perspective about the world, and the thought that your life is neither less important nor significant gives you a relieve.

  2. Disciplined

    If you feel like what I do, you will know that if you haven’t written posts in several days, you will feel weird, or that something is amiss. To overcome those problems, try to write anything about the topics you are most interested in, in a regular basis.

  3. Organized

    At first, you will need an outline to make your posts feel natural. As the time goes by, you will realize that this has already becoming a habit. If you’re lucky, it will also affect your other activities as well (like making essays).

It Can Help You Feel More Alive

  1. Express Yourself

    For an introvert like me (I’m an ISFP), writing helps me to express myself. I can talk almost about anything and then see what I had written several months later to see how I have become matured and grown. Or in other words, you can take a nostalgia and remember your own old good times.

  2. Inspire People

    If you really care about something—like education or politic—blogging will give you a chance to inspire, by giving something that will change their lives—facts, knowledge, and insights. They will respect you because you have given you time and energy—the most invaluable resources—to give them something inspiring and meaningful.

Writing is one of the best ways to change the world.

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