A Hidden Hatred on Listicles?

If you feel like you know what I’m going to write, then maybe you’re right. There is something wrong with listicles.

Why, you ask, despite my encouragements to make posts about listicles, do I still despise it?

Here are 5 reasons why I actually hate listicles.

You think? Just kidding. 😀

No, no, no. You can’t just expect people to read your posts just because you make the headings interesting. Seriously, sometimes I just want to punch the faces out of those writers who profit from these kind of articles. It really make me sick.

In my opinion, it is a very good kind of articles to attract viewers on to your sites and generate revenues. But somehow, it kinds of making us addicted to it. It makes us lazier and even lazier. Even for writers.

I honestly think that articles nowadays are making people lazier, both to read and write.

I admit, it really helps people who wants to just save time by skimming, either because they are lazy or ‘really’ busy. But I think that maybe, they just can’t endure the boredom of reading so many lines with no pictures, and no stand-out subheadings.

Actually, I’m already helping you by making a paragraph only consists of maximum 3 lines. Most have over 10 lines, and those really demand your time, energy, and resources. Maybe I shouldn’t, since it could make you lazy to read longer and deeper contents.

Right now, maybe you’re expecting a picture. So I’ll give you one. boredom

There. I am helping, aren’t I? Alright, on to the next points (hopefully I’m not lazy enough). 😀

Listicles are also very helpful if you want to summarize an article in a matter of seconds. But think about it, there isn’t any lasting values towards us, the readers. Listicles don’t really help with your long-term memory—that is, when you want to memorize it.

Most listicles only scratch the surface of related topics, which is why you will be having difficulty feeling connected to the article—and perhaps the writers.

Actually, I want to share a quote about writing. But I’m having a second thought, that maybe two block quotes are not really meant to surface after one another. It kinda feels unreal, you know?

Let me think. Alright, what’s next?

Oh, I got it. In real life, I will NEVER be able to memorize listicles. And I’m talking about college, when in class you have to memorize several points (read: lists) in order to excel in your exams and get the GPA you’ve always desired. It never works.

Maybe I should tell you my personal stories, but another topic for another time. But what I want to say is, merely catchy or clickbait titles doesn’t represent the real life. Real life mandates you to read, because reading is the window to various knowledge.

Also, many life-changing articles/posts or stories don’t come in the form of listicles. I think you will never find the stories of successful people, like Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg, in a book filled with listicles. Listicles don’t belong there.

And finally, the time for the quote is coming.

Don’t believe anyone who tells you you should only write if you have something important to say. Most writers don’t. They write because they like doing it.

– Sarah Naughton, author of Tattletale

I know, I will confess that I took it from a listicle. I don’t prohibit or try to convince you to ban listicles. And I think you’ve known what I want to say in this article about listicles. I owe this post because it helps me write this article greatly.

So long, and thank you for reading! 🙂


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