When Life Tries to Knock You Down

Life isn’t easy, you know. When I was on my second semester of college, I felt lost. It was way harder than I thought. Even though some of the subjects are easy enough, others weren’t. I got overwhelmed.

There was this subject where the lecturer was always giving hard quizzes—and unfortunately harder grades, too. For once, I thought that I was going to drop out of college where I studied. I was drowned in despair even deeper when I got to know my friends got A’s on that subject.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the only hard subject though. Several other subject—like Chemistry and Calculus—are also hard to get good grades. What frustrated me so much is the content of both subjects were extremely similar to high school, so when I thought that I couldn’t get even B for these subjects, I felt stupid.


Things got harder because my parents were A students when they were young. Even all of my sisters were A students. I was very sad. When I told my problems to my parents, they compared me to my sisters. Saying that I was supposed to be better than this. In short, I was overwhelmed.

Things got worse. They even offered me a choice to drop out and get to a better college for the sake of my GPA. I declined that offered, saying that this college is my choice, regardless whether I chose this college because of its reputation or not. My parents seemed to understand my point.

But, as the time goes by, God notices your hard work. Even I only got the GPA 0f 2.7 for the second semester, He gave me something better. Although I was kicked out of my first major choice—which is Computer Science—now I think I am in a better major for myself right now.

I now realize that when I was feeling overwhelmed, God wanted me to be stronger and keep trying. God wanted me to open my eyes and knowledge, that not everything is measurable by numbers. And I think, that…

…I got something far more worth than having good grades. And those are great friends, great times, and great experience.

via Daily Post: Overwhelming

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