Fresh Start

When I was 15,

I liked someone dearly. A very beautiful girl, so mysterious and innocent. Out of all girls in my school, she was the one who could really made me wanted to made her mine.

When the time came, it was her birthday. She just turned 16 that day, and I had doubt that she would accept me.

She cried.

She rejected me, but declined telling the reason why. It was crowded in that class; apparently I was very popular among my friends. We lost contact on that day.

5 years had passed,

I lost her phone number. But miracle happened; she contacted me first, asking how my condition was. I said fine, and so did she. I asked for a meeting; it was supposed to be a fresh start.

Clean slate,

until I met her again. She got much more beautiful. Like a goddess descend from Heaven. It took merely seconds for me to like her again. This time, the feeling got more powerful.

University student sitting in the corner with head down

I did asked her again to accept me that time, but the answer remained the same. I cried for weeks. Like a child losing his toys, I lost my hope.

I prayed to God while also crying, so my feelings for her would cease. Because I knew she would never open her heart for me. Forever.

…My prayer hasn’t been answered to this day. From what I hope was clean slate, turn into suffering for me. I had no idea what to be done.

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