Destructive Criticism

I have to be stronger,

when some of my friends criticize me in a bad way. Telling me that I am a fool, useless, and an unreliable man. That somehow I am way lesser than they are for them.

That made me pessimistic. I have to be stronger because the real world is cruel. If I am criticized, no matter whether it’s constructive or not, I have to accept it with open heart. Because sometimes, they are right. Maybe I am that low and I didn’t realize it. Maybe they just don’t know how to tell it in a good way.thought

Either way, criticizing destructively can
hurt someone’s feelings. For once I cried because one of my friend told me that I was a lying bastard for not helping team in a project. The truth is, I already confessed that I wasn’t as smart as he had imagined. But criticizing destructively was all he did.

If I hadn’t been stronger, those criticism might ruin my life for a very long time.

via Daily Post: Criticize

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