Nostalgic Scent

petrichorThe smell of the rain,

it is so relaxing, soothing, and nostalgic. Too bad I almost never smell it.

When I was in/at high school, when the rain fell down I could sit there near the schoolyard watching the raindrops while smelling the scent. At that time, I suddenly felt relaxed; like I could sit there for hours and forgetting all of my problems at that time.

It was also nostalgic.

Usually, I would remember distinct moments in high school. There was this girl, after I confessed my feelings that I had infatuation with a girl at 10th-grade, instead of crying she got angry with me. Moreover, she even told me that I was ugly as a pig. (seriously)

Occasionally, I could shed tears because I remembered bad moments in my life. It was all mixed;  bad moments with my family, friends, or even my bad decisions. Sometime I regretted my decisions, but regret also had to be over soon.

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