7-Segment with Push Button

This is the second project of Human Interaction and Computer in the previous article.

Although I already tried by myself, things didn’t go as planned. After I reinstalled Windows 10 because malwares attacked my computer—even Malwarebytes became so slow to eradicate these malwares.

So instead, me and my friends worked together to do this project—I know, it’s in Indonesian; nothing I can do about it.

Here’s the schematic:7-segment-with-push-buttonAnd here’s the tools and materials required for this project:

  1. Arduino Uno (obviously)
  2. USB Cable to connect Arduino Uno with PC/Laptop
  3. Male-to-male jumper cables (minimum amount is 10)
  4. 2 Resistors (we used 330Ω and 560Ω—don’t ask why)
  5. Breadboard (preferably the big ones)
  6. Push button (also, I prefer the big ones), and finally
  7. The 7-segment display itself (we use the common anode; long story short, it turns on when it’s given the low voltage)

This is the picture of the final result (plus the logic):

For the source code, refer to my friend’s blog. Thank you!


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