Invitation I Declined

When I was offered a scholarship because I was ranked top three in acceptance test for a private university, I chose to decline. Of course I had my reasons.

First, I was afraid of the contract written on the paper. Short story, I had to keep my GPA ≥ 3.50 all the time. That sounded very hard; also painful. It also says that I had to win numerous competition for that university. I took it as a new form of slavery.

Second, I already felt comfortable being with my family all the time. If I had accepted the contract, I would have to survive living in a dorm, sleeping in a room for 3. I would have no freedom to do what my passion was at the moment, thus I decided to decline the invitation.

And lastly, I didn’t feel I was destined for it. I didn’t get the feeling that I wanted to pursue this thing; that this was what I should do to achieve my career. So, I declared taking the harder choice, one which my parents disagreed.

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