Life Purposes

Lowering Expectation

But the truth is much more bitter than that, right?

Without expectation, in my opinion we won’t have any reasons to live. No reasons to pursue our dreams or making meaningful changes to this world. It just won’t work. Life would be meaningless.

Without expectation, we would figuratively be zombies.

But, expectations can sometime hurts. I once highly expected to go into a particular college, solely relying on my grades alone. I was confident because I consider that college as lesser than my dream college. The result: I didn’t get accepted.

I was sad and disappointed. But rather, I felt humiliated. I felt that I was very stupid that I didn’t get accepted. I felt hopeless. It felt worse by the time I read my friends’ posts on Facebook. They were showing off that they were accepted just by using their grades to apply for their desired universities.

But eventually, I got to where I am today, thanks to my family and friends. My expectations are as real as they can get because of my families’ advice and love. I am grateful for what I am today. 🙂

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