Privacy? Does It Still Exist?

Does privacy still exist?

Because as far as I know, the only way to ‘claim’ back your privacy is to disconnect yourself completely from internet. By using internet, they can track you, listen to your conversation, or read your messages. I think it’s terrifying.

But at the same time, I sometimes feel the urge to ‘expose’ myself through social media. I feel this itchy feeling to just post/share something in my social media so I can get noticed by my friends and acquired numerous likes and comments.

Well, some people must have already done it. They didn’t use social media to be famous; they simply live the way our ancestors lived. Only share confidential information to those whom they trusted with their lives. And also, they had used their private time alone, reflecting about what they had had done and what they had wanted in their life.

I think, that’s how we should live.

One thought on “Privacy? Does It Still Exist?

  1. yes, privacy is that thing you do when you turn stuff off and you dont share everything.

    its also that thing you give up when you carry an (easily hackable) electronic camera and microphone (and gps/wifi transceiver) in your pocket. until more people buy cases that let you physically shutter the camera (they already exist) and let you physically turn the mic off, youre just bugged all the time. mostly this is spoken of by tin-foil-hats worried (with at least some reason) about corrupt governments, but battered spouses and other victims have as much to worry about from stalkers and other opportunists.

    i still think 90+% of these “celebrity photo leaks” are staged by the subjects of the photos. privacy technically exists– its that thing people sometimes give up, and often have taken. does it practically exist? we shouldnt give up on that yet, and theres absolutely no reason we have to.

    theres no real advantage to giving up now, other than more of the same foolishness (in the name of short-term “convenience”) that is now so typical. the cost of freedom is eternal vigilance. almost no one pays in these days– that doesnt make it worthless, just dismally rare.


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