Too Close to Sensitive Topic?

You know, I actually stumble on this prompt and I think. What is pillaging? Is it the same as ransacking or looting? If so, it can’t be good.

And I suddenly remembered this guy—the most notorious man ever mentioned in human history—possibly the most evil leaders we’ve ever known. I heard that he almost killed all Jews at that time and make a war that killed more than 70 million people. It sure must included some pillaging done, right?

And just like what I thought, there must be someone who claim that he was actually a good person—I was baffled. I know that he was nominated a Nobel Peace prize—unfortunately a joke.

But, if he had done bad things for the whole world, including pillaging, then for whatever reason, in my opinion he can’t be considered a good guy anymore.

Sorry if you think I’m a shortsighted, stupid, or narrow-minded man.

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