What is Moping?

Yeah, you got it. I never heard a word ‘mope‘ before. I thought it was an act of someone moping the floor (seriously). But, dictionaries say that it’s kind of an act you do when you’re sad. So,

Is frowning an example of moping?

Anyway, I remembered my nephew when he wanted to borrow my cellphone to play games that my sister (i.e his mother) didn’t allow because he was way too young (just 3 years old) to play cellphone. He was doing this moping to me, hoping that eventually I will feel sympathetic towards him.

Ha, his face was so cute, I simply couldn’t deny him. I gave him my cellphone so he could play, but only for little while, because my sister could be angry with me, and things would get complicated. Wow, it was a year ago. So much time has passed by.

And I miss my nephew, and my sister (of course I miss my nephew more).

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