Long Gone Festivity

Natal Solo Grand Mall.jpg
Though I’m not celebrating Christmas Eve, I used to feel the festive mood when Christmas arrives. I used to go to mall alone or with my family to buy new clothes that were on sale, albeit I only got few clothes—the rest of the time were spend to buy clothes for my mother and my sisters.

I was filled with awe; the decorations in that mall were beautiful. They were also somehow luxurious and elegant. I felt the ambience too, like I wished the moment would never end. But I remember the time when I had to wait for my mother and my sisters while they were choosing clothes. Huh, I dread those moments.

Anyway, those festive moods were long gone. I never feel something like that for at least a year. It was just gone. Maybe reality strikes me, the thinking that this is just a marketing gimmick makes my festive moods vanish. Just like that; no hype or anticipation anymore.

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