Fishing for Likes

Fishing for Likes.pngOne of the things I hate is posts in social media—like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram— that’s fishing for likes. Yeah, I think they treat that dumb thumb icon like some sort of currency; like it’s a holy thing that can make their positions way above of us.

I am actually already despise this kind of practice for a considerably amount of time. I got a realization—epiphany, if you will— that this like doesn’t give me anything. I think it’s…




And many more things about this Like icon that doesn’t seem right. It’s, uh, addicting. Like Like icon—pardon me if that sounds bad—gives us something.

I have to admit, when I first made this blog and get the first likes, it felt great. It was special. It felt like I was worthy, or someone was noticing me so I was not useless at all writing this blog.

But it just doesn’t seem right. If I make this blog only because I want to fish for likes, then maybe I am the one guilty. I am what’s wrong in the process of writing this blog. Simple as that. And it must not continue. It needs to stop.

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