Is Being Moody a Disorder?

When I was a kid, I always thought that being moody is a disorder. Why wouldn’t it? You’re getting mood swings so quickly without any particular reasons. It creeped me out.

I imagined that being moody means that person maybe at least had two personalities, and that was unhealthy and creepy at the same time. I also aligned it with the fact that people kept themselves away from moody ones. If moody wasn’t a disorder, then what was it?

I searched for a considerable amount of time by using Google—I never use Bing or DuckDuckGo anymore—and I found something. There’s a possibility that your moodiness is a sign of a disorder, obviously. And there’s an article which cite a foreign disorder I never heard of.

I won’t advise you to seek treatment or something like that—obviously, there are already many sites and people advising that—but at least if you feel like your moodiness disturbs you or your people around you, then you need help. Period.

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