Lazy Writing

A Flexible Hideout

Cellphone No Signal.jpg
Hideout: A place where no one can find you and you usually use it to retreat from people around you.

The picture already depicts the definition above.

Alone and no one will suspect you’re hiding in a forest.

Plus, no Wi-Fi. That would be perfect. 😀

Usually, I hide because I am bored interacting with my friends—my MBTI test says I am an introvert—and want to spend my time alone. But I think, hiding too long can sometimes make you feel lonely.

And so, albeit I am an introvert, I also enjoy making friends and hanging out with them. My hideout are both my solitude and my togetherness.

And I think, that hideout not only means a place where no one can find you, but also a place wherever or whenever you can forget your problems, albeit temporarily.

3 thoughts on “A Flexible Hideout

  1. Sometimes you need to escape from all the chaos, expectations and worries. Nothing better than being able to get that alone time to relax then being able to come out and join in with your loved ones and society again.


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