Maddening Advertisements

After thinking what to write about the prompt, one of the things I was thinking was how advertisements drove me mad. I couldn’t agree more with this video—which tells you why advertisements are so fu**ing maddening.

Digital Ads.jpg

Keep in mind that I’m a not-so-diligent blogger, so I’ll keep this short. And yes, I’m already aware that ads are important as they’re making quite a lot of money for certain people and businesses.

First of all—and it’s already obvious—they are ubiquitous. I wish people would discard ads on their sites, particularly the useless ones—like “How to Make Your Penis Bigger and Satisfy Your Wife”, “Play This Game and Marry a Beautiful and Sexy Queen”, etc. They’re ruining my experience while I’m exploring Internet.

I mean, who wants to watch an anime online with ads about Poker Games popping up almost everywhere on your screen??

Some are deceiving—they don’t deliver as what I expect—and becoming such a nuisance. Others are actually malwares, disguised in forms of ads—this makes me reinstalling Windows 10 several times. Moreover, they even track your internet usage by using cookies.

And, that’s it. I doubt raging about ads will somehow make things noticeably better. Thanks for reading.


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