Lazy Writing

Slur Talking

I thought slur only meant when someone speaks incorrectly or indistinctly—this implies that there’s more than just one meaning—like when someone’s getting heavily drunk he speaks in a manner that no one can understand what he’s saying.

Once my sister hated me because she thought I was slurring all the time when I was talking. She also pointed out that when I spoke, I didn’t take a chance to breath or to stop.

Even now, I often have to repeat my saying because I think that I can’t speak clearly promptly somehow. Not every time, but this already makes me annoyed. I feel stupid and lesser, knowing that even at 21 years old, I still can’t speak as great as I thought.

Well, I’m still trying to improve myself. I know this sounds cliché but my sister also said to me that…

People judge us by three things: Cover—face, clothes, perfume—, attitude, and speaking.


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