Manner Like a Baby

I have to admit, actually I am embarrassed by my old self. Really.
Passing the Blame.jpg
Once, I like to blame someone else for the mistakes I’ve done. The smallest trivial thing—like cheating while exams—can also be another problem. When my answers were wrong even though I had written my friends’ answers, I tended to blame my friends. I believed them; I thought they were smarter than me thus they couldn’t be wrong.

Well, I was naive back then. Whining like a baby, always demanding quick solutions. But, hard times make me realize that there are no quick answers, no easy explanations.

No one is perfect. We were all babies, and maybe we all still are albeit in different manners. Regardless, we have to be someone we want to spend our lives with for the rest of our lives. Isn’t that right?

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