Critical Timing

Hesitate to Write


I feel like I have to tell you something. Writing this post actually took me quite a hesitation at first. Mainly, it’s due to the restricting time available.

I was going home from college after a class very early in the morning—at 7 o’clock. Then, after dealing with some problem I chose to go home—which at 9 o’clock there was a tutor about a subject which I really have no idea of. I hesitated, but eventually went home.

After I arrived—which was approximately at 9.30—I chose to play my cellphone for a while until I fell aslept, for 2 and a half hours straight! That left me few options after eating my lunch. Either prepare to go to college for a subject which starts at 1 p.m. or writing this blog.

If I hesitated to write this post, this post wouldn’t exist. Now I’m late to go to college, and I really want to blame someone/something but I can’t. Huh.

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