Readers’ Folly

Fake News.PNGThanks to one of The Mind of Noxs posts, I suddenly able to change the topic concerning this prompt: Folly. To be honest, I already changed topic about five times about this prompt. This is one of the hardest prompts, in my opinion.

Yeah! A not-so-typical topic. 😀

In my country, there was this fuss about fake news. And it’s not without reasons. One of the reasons is because it’s profitable. If you do not believe it, check this news about a fake news factory at Macedonia. Even there’s a website that allows you to create fake news.

This thing even had the attention of Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg that he made a special manifesto that also addressed this particular topic. This could only means bad things.

I mean, what’s stopping us from consuming these kind of rubbish? There should be a law concerning the punishments of these fake news creators, in my opinion.

 And it’s even bigger folly of us—cyber citizens—to acknowledge everything we hear, watch, or read on the internet.

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