Grimmer but Hopefully Brighter

Adopting AI.jpg

I doubt that I will benefit completely from the advancement of technology. I read several tech news and I have to admit, it’s both appealing and appalling to me. Artificial Intelligence is now ubiquitous; you can read the news for yourself.

There are several examples which I found… brilliant. Those are: Amper Music, Ford’s Autolivery, and Ozlo. They’re fully utilizing the true potential of AI, making their business remarkably profitable while, uh…, let’s say reducing cost of hiring people. 

And let me tell you, I have applied to over 15 companies for internships; none of them accepted me. Either they declined me, or ignored me. I mean, this only contribute to increasing my doubt, that maybe, somehow I’m worthless.

To make long story short, I doubt that I will have a place in the future where technology will take our roles and positions; rendering us useless. And yeah,

Although I think the future might be grimmer, I’m still settled that the future will be brighter notwithstanding.

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