Random Writing

Perpetual Parlay

One Time to Live.jpg

Ah, what a time to be alive.

I don’t want to tell you the obvious—that we have to grow up and parlay our skills and knowledge in order to transform lives around us to be better—but do we have to parlay all the time? What if we don’t want to? What if, we abandon our most valuable assets just so we can live for ourselves and not for others?

My mother is a pediatrician; she had parlayed her skills and hard work so my family could live decently. But time always goes on and she can’t work forever. So my mother advised me to study with all my power and capabilities to parlay perpetually so I could prosper better in the future.

I know; wailing won’t help. But maybe my mother was right. As technology advances rapidly—AI, self-driving cars, etc.—I won’t have any value without growing up and improving myself. And I will lose if I don’t keep up.

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