Swarm of Entertainment

The first thought that came to mind was a swarm of insects, especially bees—probably too obvious. But I feel that would be too easy, so I opted for something more… unusual.Capture 2

I notice that nowadays, I can find many choices of entertainment these days—and I mean A LOT. Like games, videos, or music they provide pleasures we can obtain easily. But for me it’s hard to find entertainment—from now I’m talking about music—that aligns with my mood and preferences.

I won’t talk too much in this post. What I’m trying to say is we’re facing a swarm of entertainments right now. Even they held events to announce new technology (read: entertainment), like Mobile World Congress 2017.  They come and go, hopefully not so easily forgettable. And like I said, it’s hard to find ones that really suit your preferences and needs.

Usually my choice of music lies around acoustic, pop, or a little bit of EDM—it could change depending on my preferences.

Thanks to Spotify, I only had to spend 15 minutes finding my current favorite song.

All right, enough talking. Below is an EDM music that I’m currently fond of; it has catchy beat drops and likable music. 

Asset: Leave My Mind (feat. Ming Bridges) at A = 407.29 Hz

2 thoughts on “Swarm of Entertainment

  1. We know exactly what you mean! The choices are endless right nowwhich is a positive thing, but we’re never going to get back all that time we’ve spent meaninglessly scrolling through Netflix!
    VinylOctopus 🐙

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