An Overlooked Nuance

I almost got defeated by this prompt.

But seriously, though. I spent almost 3 hours straight thinking what to write — so pardon me if this post is bad — because I don’t fully understand the meaning of this word. I consider nuance as a subtle distinction or variation — I found the definition here.

A revelation eventually came through, and I decide to write about this insignificant nuance on these things.

Mineral Waters.

Luckily, this thing is ubiquitous — for now. And no, I’m not talking about fancy drinking waters — like Purence, Evian, or Zam-zam water from Makkah. I’m talking about brands easily found on mini markets — I live in Indonesia — that have cheap prices.

Air Mineral

I have drunk mineral water from many brands and I have to admit — it tastes the same. No difference at all, except the brand obviously. I guess it depends on the nuance you see and feel, perhaps; an obvious subtle nuance that may be overlooked by many people including me.

My favorite ones are the cheapest ones. As long as they make me don’t feel thirsty anymore — and cheap — I’m sold. In my opinion, I think that water should be affordable to anyone regardless of their brands.


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