Nervous — A Necessary Emotion

Nervous GIF

One of my friend asked me after I took a competency test for applying an internship. The answer is: I wasn’t. I didn’t really expect to proceed to the next step, which will require me to follow a session of interview — more like interrogation.

I wasn’t nervous because I already know what I’m capable of; that I’m incapable of being capable enough is enough reason for me for not being nervous.

But recently, I’m more prone to being nervous when someone suddenly acts like being a hostile to me — for example while chatting to a friend of mine. Or maybe when I’m being lectured by my brother-in-law, the mixed feeling of a little bit of pride, nervousness, and other things makes an uneasy feeling for me.

The solution: Stop being nervous. It may be necessary to keep you aware of the consequences of your actions, but it may also prevent you from being peaceful. And as always, it’s easier said than done.

But I think that nervous feeling somehow makes us feel more alive; fear, anxiety, and distress mixed into one state of emotion. And that shouldn’t be suppressed entirely.

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