Abstract Science

Low Poly 33
It was actually very tempting to write about abstract art — like a Low Poly picture above — but apparently, someone‘s been talking about it very thoroughly. So I’ll pass the opportunity and tell you another abstract thing that actually exists in this life.


Let me tell you, this is one of the most abstract knowledge I’ve ever studied. TOGAF, the seeming solution for enterprises is actually not really a solution, but rather a guideline, technique, or a tool — as my lecturer said.

Still, I would feel better if I were given a super powerful brain to digest this abstract science. A course on my college, Enterprise Architecture — the name fits perfectly, doesn’t it? — mandates us all to do some sort of assignment, which is finishing TOGAF ADM from Preliminary Phase to Phase D — thank God.

My brain is somewhat inferior to something called TOGAF.

Maybe I’m still very young — I’m 21 years old — to understand completely what’s TOGAF and what it can do, but it still bugs my mind that there is no real competitor to TOGAF, much like there’s no real competitor to Qualcomm. But I hope that there’s still hope for me.

6 thoughts on “Abstract Science

      1. No problem! Oh, I see. So, it’s like an organization?
        I see you mentioned Qualcomm, I do know what that is, I saw BREW in my mobile apps class recently ^^


      2. Qualcomm is mainly known for manufacturing smartphone processors. What I meant is that as far as I know, no smartphone processors are as powerful and ubiquitous as Qualcomm, much like Intel before Ryzen came along.

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