Lazy Writing

Murmuration: A Foreign Word


A foreign word. I guess I’m not that smart at English.

Murmuration: Flock of starlings or an act of murmuring. Even making this post already makes me murmur.

I just know that there’s a thing called Merriam-Webster Unabridged Dictionary thanks to this prompt. And when I search this query on Google, it just shows a handful amount of flock of starlings.

I can only murmur to myself: “Why do I have to subscribe for online dictionary? Why there’s no picture on Google of people rumbling or muttering though it’s the other definition of murmuration?”

Even WordPress underline that word, so this word must be foreign. And for the first time, I really think this post shouldn’t exist at all because this is a bad post. I benefit from my abilities gained from tens of hours of making documents: Talking a lot without actually saying anything.

I think that’s enough. Without actually a point to say, this post is as near as useless. I hope I could get smarter and wiser in time, knowing that English isn’t my native language, I’d better start learning more intensively, I reckon.


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