Life Purposes

Immerse in Working


The future is uncertain.

That’s what I’m thinking. I’m also thinking, how can I immerse myself in work that I don’t know whether I’ll enjoy it or not?

“Work with all your energy and passion so that you can help many people,” my parents used to say, “And more importantly, keep giving your family a decent life. Right now you live in decency; wouldn’t you do the same for your family?”

I believe that you can only immerse yourself in something that you love doing. And all these lead to a single question: “How can I know what I love, what I’m passionate about?” There’s no precise answer to solve that question, in my opinion.

I already told you my story about my passion that somewhat keeps changing over time. But in the end, there must be a thing that piques my interest and curiosity, right? If there’s none, then I’m as good as zombies — living without purpose, waiting for people to command me.

That’s it, then. I guess I have to live my life on a trial-and-error basis, hoping that my luck lies somewhere and comes to sweet fruition, one day. We’ll see again, I hope. 🙂

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