Surpass Your Instinct

In case if you don’t already recognize that book, it’s called Supernormal Stimuli by Deirdre Barrett. It talks about how modern world is not suited for our slowly-evolved instinct; she stated that human instinct is mainly not evolved fast enough for this rapid-pace and garish modern world nowadays.

Barrett said that our instinct is created for environment much like 10,000 years ago.

I won’t talk much in this post, nor summarizing this book. I have just read two chapters — still many chapters to go. It contains roughly 200 pages along with index, acknowledgement and other things.

If you search on Google, you might find the example of this phenomenon. Animals instinct tend to feed cuckoo who has redder and wider beak than his own hatchlings, butterflies tend to choose females whose wings have more vivid patterns.

If you’re human — obviously — you might find your instinct surpassed by artificial entertainment, like video games, VR, and sex. And this can be dangerous — Barrett claimed — as this eventually could lead to human extinction; for examples males can choose porn videos or pictures over real women.

In the end, Barrett advised us to use our one big stupendous advantage over any animals: our brain.

Being able to resist succumbing to the supernormal stimuli around us can eventually save us in the long run, I reckon.

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