I Need a Stroke of Luck

Stroke of Luck

This implies that I expect not to get what I want. But rather, what I need right now. For a college student, that could be anything — great grades, good money, vacant hours. But right now, I need a place for internship.

I honestly don’t know what they’re asking of me. Is it my technical skills, my communication skills, or what? Now I feel out of luck, and currently out of resolve as well. It feels like I’m trying to penetrate an invisible and impenetrable wall of ‘Not Your Lucky Day.’

I admit, I’m not smart nor favorable in my class. But it’s frustrating, you know? If I don’t get an internship any soon, who knows what I’m going to do in my summer vacation. Being unworthy of any internship implies that I’m incapable of just anything. Meaning that I’m not going to be of any use to society.

I hope that changes soon, because I need a stroke of luck.



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