Massive Universe

Pinnacle Galaxy

The universe is massive.

That’s what I’m thinking until now. Universe is ridiculously massive. There are many galaxies out there; even the galaxy where we are today — Milky Way — mostly still unexplored.

I found out about the universe for the first time when I was in elementary school, particularly in Religion class. You know it — teachers preaching about the divinity of God. One things lead to another, that teacher explained that universe was one of the God’s best creation. Because it is.

I still can’t comprehend why God’s created the universe in massive size. What does He want us to do? Exploring every edge of the universe? Makes us all believe in Him? Or just to show that He’s capable of anything even unimaginable to us?

I think I’m not in my position to question God’s intention. But obviously, if God’s created the universe in this way — beautiful and massive — then He wants us to take lessons from it. And maybe to become better people than we were yesterday.




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