Conquer Caffeine Addiction

What Caffeine Does to Your Body

Picture above is taken from Business Insider is thorough enough. A no-brainer conclusion that can be deducted from above is simply that caffeine brings harm more than good. I was certain that I won’t be addicted to caffeine for the rest of my life. Believe me, I was very naive.

I didn’t think that college life would give me much burden. Yeah, maybe some assignments to do and difficult tests, but nothing I couldn’t handle. In fact, I am addicted to it — or let’s say dependent, if you wish.

I am hooked on caffeine because there are so much assignments to be done at a very short time. For instance, I have to finish at least 3 documents which each of them consisted of no less than 15 pages. And making those documents is hard, as you need to understand completely what you are going to make. Also in this case, time is a luxury.

For a day, I would drink at least 500 ml of coffee — that’s awful, if I have to admit. This addiction eventually affect my life. For example, if I don’t drink caffeine for a day, I will feel very tired I can sleep for hours, brain dead. The record is I was sleeping for a total of 10 hours a day although I wasn’t doing anything noteworthy.

Ultimately, I will have to conquer my addiction in order to survive — literally. I really wanted to blame the system, but it’s useless. Right now, getting rid of caffeine from my life, though not completely but at least I won’t be so hooked on it.

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