Minimal Effort, Maximum Result

One of the things I constantly hate about the world is the fact that some people work way harder and longer than certain people, yet it’s painful to know that for the rest of their life, they won’t make even 1% of the money that the 10 richest man in the world make in the average 1 hour.

I think they somehow achieve a divine state of what the title said, “Minimal Effort, Maximum Result“. I do realize that they also have substantial effort in changing the world and reaching the states that they’re in now, but it seems that they now can live in peace knowing that they can live without working for at least a year, unlike most people.

Depression During ResidencyBoth of my parents are doctors — my father was a soldier but already retired, now occasionally working as a surgeon. And life as a doctor in Indonesia now actually becoming harder than it seems. My mother stated yesterday that part of her salaries hadn’t been accepted for the last 3 months.

This is the opposite reality of what’s in my mind. I was always dictated by my parents that money comes naturally when we serve people with true intention. Because my parents believed that God always give the best to people who are faithful to Him, albeit not in the form of money or wealth, but He gives us peace — something that maybe is underrated.

But right now, being a doctor means you’re willing to be a slave to the government. You have to accept the contract or policy made by government, e.g. working in a remote area for a month without actually being paid. And now, thanks to the health care program forced by our government, the doctors suffers more. Because my mother’s income decreases significantly — my mother’s a pediatrician if you’re curious.

Sorry if this post is too long to read. What I want to say is that right now, maximum efforts don’t guarantee your success in life. There must be some kind of formula that balances effort and results — in this case, money — accordingly. And I don’t know what that is.

2 thoughts on “Minimal Effort, Maximum Result

  1. I really enjoyed reading this post. We are sometimes puzzled by the mazes in life. Sometimes the road is too narrow, sometimes it is so broad that you can also take someone along with you. The narrow ones are hard. But the broad ones are easy.
    I don’t know if this theory is true, but I believe that when you’ve gone through a long narrow road, you are more comfortable with ‘taking somebody under your wing’ when you enter into a broad road. God has a plan for each of us. He takes us through many narrow roads so that we will be well equipped to face the broad roads and be a blessing to others at the same time. We don’t know that a broad road awaits us, but God does. So trust in Him.

    Once again, I congratulate you on this post. God bless you.

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