What if I Do Not Want to be Labeled?

Parents AwayRecently, I am thinking. Some of us human tend to label — categorize, judge, you name it — other people based on what we’re thinking about them. And unfortunately, no matter how much they’ve changed, or at least tried to, we still decline to accept that they have actually improved their behavior.

And this is what bugs me right now. And this has gone for my entire life — my parents labeled me according to the circumstance applied at the moment. Mostly, they compared me to both of my older sisters and they labeled me lazy or stupid because my GPA is currently way below them all.

If life were easier, I’d choose to be unlabeled. I could be whatever or whomever I want without being constrained by my parents’ opinions or society judgments. I could explore the world freely, knowing that people around me wouldn’t give me disdainful attitude towards me.

But like my friend said, “Life is harsh”. Wherever I go, there will always people who will label me based on what they know about me or what experience I’ve been going through with them. And sooner or later, I will have to face the harsh truth of life. So for now, I can only try to listen and do what I have to do to make life better — for me, at least.

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