Acceptance of Choice


This is a picture of the arguably one of the most famous college in Indonesia, if it still is. This college is surprisingly small, compared to college like Universitas Indonesia or Universitas Gadjah Mada. But, the circumstances that led me here was rather complicated.

I was accepted for a 4-year scholarship at Universitas Telkom because I was ranked at the third place when they held some kind of acceptance test. I have to admit, it was out of luck and though my parents were so proud of me, I felt hollow. It was —sorry if I’m being too cocky — too easy.

But I withdrew from that scholarship after I read the terms and conditions. It said that I had to achieve astounding accomplishments — winning every national and international competitions and at least having GPA of 3.00 every single semester.

Seeing it as a death wish, I chose to apply for another college. And thank Allah, I was accepted here at my current college. Though my mother questioned my decision — because she thought that achieving GPA of 3.00 at Universitas Telkom was far easier than my current college, and she was right — she eventually tolerated my decision.

Now, things have changed. What I called a happiness because I was successfully accepted here at my college, turned somehow into regret. Getting a GPA of 3.00 is too hard, and even finding an internship that fits me is way harder. But, in the end, after we attempt our best, we have to accept Allah’s decisions, don’t we?

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