Changing Toward Obscurity

Rain Sounds
I used to like rain a lot, back when I was in high school. At home, I could shower myself under the rain and enjoy the cold and soothing sensation of rainfalls. It gives me the nostalgic feeling —like all of my past memories are fused into one. But right now, it makes me rather, let’s say incensed.

Last year, almost every day in Bandung was raining. Although I like rainfall, but I think this is abnormal and unusual. It is a common knowledge that Indonesia has 2 seasons and 2 seasons only, wet and dry season. The absence of dry season is making me terrified.

It’s not that I despise raining. It’s that normally, we have dry season. Because last time I went to my hometown —about 3 months ago — my hometown wasn’t raining. It occurs to me that this is an unnatural phenomenon. Sadly, it’s worsened by the fact that the city where I’m in now has become hotter.

I won’t explain any longer in this post. I think you get my point; raining every day in my opinion is one of the symptoms that the climate has changed towards obscurity. Some place get hotter, other gets colder. I hope that climate change can be solved immediately.

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