Life Purposes

Meaningless Toil


Toil is a long hard labor. And this worldly life is only a big toil towards our eternal life, as stated in my religion. And to be able to inhabit Heaven, we have to make our life meaningful — sorry if I’m preaching to the choir.

But one of the things I hate in this life is that it can take only one particular action to render a toil meaningless. For instance, failing to formulate a comprehensive bachelor’s thesis means you’re wasting your 4 years of life at college. Or when someone’s so consumed at work, maybe one failure or depression can lead to suicide, which literally leaving everything you’ve worked so hard for meaningless.

I’m trying not to sound complaining. It’s just that how can only one action can determine someone’s destiny. They say that good intention and hard work lead to culmination of a beautiful results. But I think that sometime, one’s toil can be destroyed with only just one small event. And that is terrifying.

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