Ordinary Life

Ordinary Life

Ordinary life sounds boring. Plain and repetitive, even maybe tedious. So many people have said that life is full of beautiful things to be seen, great places to be explored. They say you can enrich your knowledge and experience by living out of ordinary.

But not me.

Ordinary life may seem lifeless, but it somehow is appealing. You don’t have to keep exploring; you already have your own rhythm of life — wake up, go to work, improve, rest, and repeat. You don’t have to risk losing anything; ordinary life is already fine as it seems.

And I think anyone has a shot of living out of ordinary and become extremely successful, or failing miserably. By living ordinarily, I don’t have to be afraid of anything. I can just disappear into the crowd, forgotten by people as if I have never existed because I am too similar in routine as everyone else.

Although everyone has a unique course of life, I think we all have something in common. The ordinary life we live in seems one of them.

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