Symbiosis in Social Media

Social NetworksA process of trading mainly should be symbiotic, both to the sellers and buyers. It’s how things work: we buy things we want from sellers we trust to receive benefit we expect for as long as possible without having to buy newer things again. But things are a little more complicated when we’re talking about social media.

We use social media because we gain several benefits — perks, if you will — from using them. We can share our opinions, our current life, even our personal and private aspects of our lives in real-time across the world, surpassing any boundaries and distance without any charge or fees for the rest of our lives — well, almost all. 

But then I was thinking: If we would never have to pay for the rest of our lives, where did they get their profit from? How could they sustain this social media? I know that they put advertisements in their application to obtain enormous profit. But then, there must be a deeper truth and explanation about this.

And I’m curious as of now regarding this phenomenon. Why would someone want to share their personal lives to people absolutely foreign to them? I mean, if the social media keeps improving their application constantly, that means this symbiosis is going deeper than we’re letting on. And suddenly, we’re getting so hooked on those social media we’re already getting too deep to even detach ourselves.

Sorry if this post is gibberish to you. I have to tell you, being too drowned too deep in college assignments has given me the ability to talk a lot without saying anything. I’m now ashamed because I can’t really make meaningful but concise post. Once again, I’m sorry.

2 thoughts on “Symbiosis in Social Media

  1. Yours is a very meaningful post. The media who publishes gains popularity, and tons of money from the advertisements on the post. It’s a win win situation for them. It’s only the bloggers who don’t get monetary benefits. Sheen.

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