The Color of Purple

Purple. As they say, it’s a color of luxury, sensuality, and passion. But sometimes can also picture gloominess and sadness. It depends on the context and the specific kind of purple you’re referring to.

Well, in this case I think it suits the former: luxury, extravagance, and wealth. The imagination of being someone who has all the things desired is so. . . intense when I see this kind of purple. It’s like a dream that mostly will never come true; when you want something, you have all the capabilities in the world to achieve or acquire it.

Maybe because of that wealth and luxury, eventually we won’t be satisfied with things and luxury things anymore. There’ll be sadness, because there’s something in our heart that won’t be fulfilled only by money and wealth. It simply needs love and care. It needs. . . companies.

That’s why you can’t actually buy happiness only by wealth and luxury. The purple color implies that meaning accurately. Sometime, for some people they have to choose: To pursue their dreams and becoming wealthier, or risk their longed-desire to explore and discover yourself and instead, settle down with your newly-official family that has no guarantee to stay with you for the rest of your life. Your choice.

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