Life Purposes

The Elixirs of Afterlife

Sadaqah Jaariyah
I think of elixir as a liquid, a drink to extend our life. If you have played The Sims 3, I’m sure you’ll be familiar. In the game, the Elixir of Life resets your age to the beginning of the life phase, like young adult. Unfortunately, if you’re doing this repeatedly you might get bored. But not in this life.

Sharing is caring. And by sharing, you will make people happier, and eventually you become happier too. Maybe become more peaceful. In Islam, you can give particular ongoing charity —we call it Sadaqah Jariyah — and reap rewards and blessing both in this worldly life and Hereafter.

Sadaqah Jariyah is one of the three elixirs of afterlife in Islam. Others are beneficial knowledge and Moslem son who will pray for us — faithful Moslem parents, in this context. It’s very encouraged in Islam to do these deeds, as these will help us at the Judgment Day where God determines us whether we are worthy of living in Heaven forever or not.

Sorry if this post offends you in some way. I suddenly think about this when I read the prompt, and I thought it wouldn’t hurt to write something that seems useful. This is also a reminder to myself that, these elixir of afterlife is the things that valuable to us personally and other people.

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