A Fortune Well Spent (April Fool’s Day)

Fortune is often associated with a huge amount of money or wealth. When I was rather innocent, I had a dream to use my fortune to help people. Sounds cliché but what did I know? Most people would rather spend them on luxury items such as fast cars, beautiful mansions, and sophisticated technology.

But this is April Fool’s day I’m talking about. And some of the biggest companies in the world are spending their fortunes to prank people — I only know who make the pranks — in an intelligent way. I envy them; it turns out that you can spend your fortunes in a fancy way that can make people laugh and entertained. Or maybe get their intelligence insulted, who knows.

I only found 4 fancy pranks so far: G-Assist from GeForce and three others from Google; Wind, Gnome, and Pac-Man. Although all of them are pranks, those are very astounding ideas if actually managed to be realized. Imagine where AI can assist us more than we can imagine — not to mention that they’re threats to human job employment — maybe life could be more. . . efficient.

I’m not going to talk anything about AI. If life were kinder to me, maybe I can use my time to make those kind of pranks — the prank who requires more thinking and less. . . pranking people physically. But for now, those pranks will do.

Update: I just found out some other Google’s prank. Apparently, Google is a gigantic company.

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