Life Purposes

A Passport to Peace

Honesty is Icy 1

You can always be successful by using your skills and knowledge, not to mention hard work and dedication. But what my sister always reminded me of was that no matter what you do, you have to be honest.

When you’re honest, you don’t have to remember anything bad that you did in the past. You don’t have to hide it for so long you’ll feel agony. At first, of course it may hurt so much— mostly because people consider your deed as a bad thing and react with hostility — but after you get through it, you will feel you’ve released a ton of pressure off your back.

What my sister despised about lying was that it would lead to another deception. There would be no end to this cycle; you would have to lie to other people to cover up your previous lies, and so on. Suddenly, you would find this addictive and you’d end up having no friends and unreliable.

But unfortunately, in real life people would take your honesty as something expected. That’s why honesty is icy; the truth you told to your friends can make them unfriendly to you. And yet, that’s a passport to the real peace of mind. Life can be a dilemma sometimes.

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