I Wish I Could Do It Later

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The most plausible solution to this problem is to. . . sleep — yeah, no s**t. But what if you’re not tired physically, but rather you’re exhausted because you have done too much work in a too little hours?

For me, I can restore my depleted energy by reading books. Currently, I’m reading a book named Supernormal Stimuli. It’s deep, but also opening my eyes about some truth to this capitalist world, how we stray off too far from our ancestors 10,000 years ago — that’s what the author said summarily.

But reading physical book is a luxury thing these days. I wish I could do my assignments later because I’m really tired of my routine — go to college, absorb no new interesting knowledge, go home, and do a huge amount of assignment you’ll think you have no life.

And with later — I mean procrastination — often comes regret. But the sole reason I defer doing my assignment to uncertain time is that. . . I’m tired. I’m only human, I need to rest and refresh myself. I’m not a machine. I have flaws, and I’m not going to lie.

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